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Yelp Review

Jeff L.  -    West Springfield

Preface: I am clearly a complete idiot.So, I learned the hard way that even a "simple" plumbing repair is actually pretty complex and, frankly, as far beyond my abilities as neurosurgery, space shuttle O-ring repair or knowing when to say "enough" at the buffet.

I attempted to fix a seriously leaking faucet in my bathroom today, and instead of turning the fairly steady stream into a wonderful, water-free silence; I managed to turn one of the elements of plumbing supplies into a projectile, and created a torrent of water.Good times.

After some misadventures trying to find the way to kill the water to the bathroom (I thought I have found it-- clearly not), the waterfall eventually stopped. Enter A&D.

Since killing the water necessitated killing it to /all/ the units in the house, I needed the fix, fast.

We dialed the first two plumbers listed in order, with no answer. A&D answered, were very kind and understanding on the phone, and sent someone out in about an hour and a half. The fellow that arrived was actually on his day off, but took the ticket anyway, fixed the problem, was very pleasant anwering my questions and being rather understanding of what was clearly my blinding stupidity in butchering the simple repair.

When all was said and done, the total repair bill was well less than I expected, and the faucet, finally, repaired.

I will be dialing A&D directly with any and all plumbing needs going forward-- presuming they're willing to deal with my knuckle-dragging imbecility again.



Yelp Review

Ruth B - East Longmeadow

I called A & D to have a water heater blower replaced.  The first plumber we contacted never returned the calls after the initial inspection.  The phone was picked up at A & D  after the 2nd ring and the man I spoke to told me that I should remove the blower and re-install it myself to save money.  He was absolutely right and I appreciate the fact that he could have taken me for a lot of $ but was honest and told me to do it myself, which I did.  Thank you A & D!!   When I need any other plumbing work to be done, this is the business that I'll call.



A Google User

Had to have my driveway dug up and part of my main sewer line replaced today. There was a hard blockage and was causing everything to back up and the line had been holding sewage for a few days. Had a few plumbers come out and give me quotes and Don's was by far the best (4000 cheaper than roto rooter).

He pulled the permits and came with all his own digging equipment two days after I called him as it takes a few days for DIG Safe and the permit to clear the site.

Him and his crew came to my house, dug 6 feet down, found the clog (hardened grease, A LOT!) replaced the line, put in a clean out to make future problems easier to handle, and filled in the hole all within about 4 hours.

Don was very knowledgeable and explained the whole process as he was doing it. I asked a lot of questions and he was more than happy to answer them all.

Overall very professional and I will be using him for all future plumbing needs!


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